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Apostille Canada

The Canadian Apostille Services

If you have been asked to obtain an apostille for your Canadian document we can help!  We are Canada’s top apostille services. We are expert in navigating the Canadian apostille process.  Contact our document expert team to get a free consultation.

The Canadian Apostille Process

In Canada, the apostille process is called “document authentication and legalization”.  If you have been asked to apostille your Canadian document it actually means you have to authenticate and legalize your document. We, Apostille Birth Certificate, Apostille Marriage Certificate, Apostille Degree, Apostille Police Check, Apostille Power of Attorney, Apostille Incorporation Certificate or Apostille Certificate of Origin, Apostille Name Change, and many other Canadian documents.  To Apostille a document, it means to make a document legally valid in the country of intended use.  

Canada is not a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention, as many countries are.  Therefore, the Canadian version of the apostille process is called document authentication and legalization.  Which involves authenticating a document at Global Affairs Canada (JLAC) and then at the foreign embassy where you intend to use your document.

The Apostille of a Canadian document  process

To authenticate and legalize a Canadian document typically involves three steps:

Step 1 – Prepare your document for processing.  This is the most important step that might require notarizing your document, having a certified true copy, or translation of your document into a foreign language to have them authenticated by Global Affairs Canada (JLAC).

Step 2 – Authenticate your document at Global Affairs Canada (JLAC) in Ottawa.  When your document is presented to Global Affairs Canada (JLAC), they confirm the authenticity of the signature on your document and that your document meets their requirements.  If your document meets their requirements they place a red stamp with a round seal of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, confirming it has been authenticated.

Step 3 – Legalize your document at the embassy or consulate of the country in which you will be using your document.  To complete the Apostille equivalency process document legalization takes place at the country’s embassy in Canada.  Like Global Affairs Canada (JLAC) each country has specific requirements that must be followed. The consular staff confirms that the authentication stamp on your document is valid and that your document meets their requirements.  Once they are satisfied, the consular agent at the embassy or consulate will place a stamp or a certificate on your document, confirming it has been legalized.


We at Document Legalization of Canada can help you in this complex and long process.  We keep up on the requirements of each foreign embassy, as they change often, to save time and money using our document Legalization Services.  We have apostilled thousands of Canadian documents at Global Affairs Canada (JLAC) and foreign embassies. Contact our document expert at 1-833-700-5342 or fill the contact form for a free consultation.