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Legalization of Documents Abroad

Legalization of Canadian documents for Use Abroad. 

Why Do I Need to Authenticate & Legalize my Canadian Document? 

In order to validate your document to be used in a foreign country, it must be legalized at the country’s embassy where it will be used.

Legalization makes documents suitable for use in another country.  To legalize a document, the competent authorities sign and stamp it.  Several different and complex steps may be needed to complete the process.  Most countries have standards for this.  Legalization shows that:

  • The document was issued by a competent and recognizable authority.
  • The signature, seal and/or stamp on the document are genuine.
  • The document’s format is correct.

The steps needed to have the document legalized is complex and time-consuming.   Legalizing a document involves taking certain steps in a certain order.  

We at Document Legalization of Canada can help you in this complex and time-consuming process.  Our expert document agents have several years of experience in their fields.   Rest assured that your document will be valid in the country where you intended to use it. Call us today for a FREE quote 1-833-700-5342.

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