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Apostille of a Death Certificate

Death Certificate Apostille - Authentication & Legalization

A Death Certificate Authentication, also known as Death Certificate Apostille, is a legal validation which proves that the signature, position of an official, and seal on the certified document are authentic. Once a death certificate is authenticated, it will become valid and legally recognized by other countries around the world.

The Reason You Might Need it

  • To register the death of a person abroad
  • To close a deceased one’s bank account
  • Estate matters
  • Legal matters
  • Other

Why do I need to authenticate and legalize a Canadian death certificate? Apostille Death Certificate

You will need to authenticate and legalize the Canadian death certificate because it provides the recipient in the destination country with proof that the death certificate has been verified by the appropriate authorities in the country of origin.

GAC (Global Affairs Canada) will authenticate the signature of the registrar of the vital statistics agency of the issuing province. Then the Embassy or Consulate will legalize the death certificate based on the authentication stamp and signature of Global Affairs Canada. This process of authentication and legalization, also referred to as apostille or attestation, allows the death certificate to be accepted abroad.

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Are there different kinds of Canadian death certificates?

There are different kinds of Canadian death certificates. The funeral home often issues a death certificate at the same time that they register the death with the province.

The certificate issued by the funeral home is not the official death certificate. Within six weeks of the registration of death, the province will issue the official death certificate.

In Canada, only the official death certificate issued by the province can go through the authentication and legalization process is some countries is know as Apostille process.

If you do not have the official death certificate, you can order one from the province.

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What are the steps required to authenticate and legalize a Canadian death certificate?

There are three steps required to authenticate and legalize a Canadian death certificate

Document Preparation – this step is where you determine the requirements of each step of the process, as well as the recipient abroad.

Document Authentication – the document is authenticated by GAC (Global Affairs Canada).

Document Legalization – the document is legalized by the Embassy or Consulate of the destination country.

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