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What Is the Purpose of Apostille a Single Status Document?

What Is the Purpose of Legalizing or Apostille Single Status Document?

Many people are unaware that they require a single status document until they are abruptly informed that they do. This brief article examines the function of single status documents, explains the reasons you might need to have yours legalized, and offers details on the legalization procedure.

A single status document: what is it?

A single status document attests to your single status and your ability to legally enter into marriage. You will often be required to present a single status document if you are a Canadian citizen getting married abroad.

How to prove that my status is single?

In Canada, you can obtain one of three kinds of documentation attesting to your single status:

1) A single status declaration

2) A marriage search certificate from the province

3) A statement in lieu of certificate to non-impediment to marriage abroad

It is highly advised that you find out which of these three document types will be accepted if you have been informed that you must present a Canadian single status document in order to get married abroad. For a list of embassies and their specific requirements, you might want to check out our website. But the party to the single status document will ultimately decide what kind of single status document will be accepted.

What is the purpose of legalizing a single status document?

In order for a Canadian document to be recognized as legitimate abroad, it must first undergo the legalization process in Canada. Prior to being accepted abroad, Canadian single status documents frequently need to be legalized.

Are there other names for the Canadian legalization process?

The legalization process for documents in Canada is referred to by a number of names. This procedure may also be referred to as “document attestation,” “apostille process,” or “document authentication and legalization.” All of these terms relate to the same process in Canada.

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