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Apostille a Birth Certificate

Apostille a Canadian Birth Certificate - Authentication & Legalization

In order to use a Canadian documents outside of Canada it requires to be authenticated and legalized or apostilled.  Birth Certificate Authentication as well as Death, Marriage, Divorce or Change of Name Certificates Authentication is performed by Canadian government authority.

Apostille Certificat de naissance – Quebec Birth Certificate

To get a birth certificate in Quebec in person at an office of the Directeur de l’etat civil

 Apostille an Alberta Birth Certificate

There is only one size of birth certificate.  What varies is the amount of information it contains.  The parent’s information may or may not be reflected, that is your choice.  Various organization may require one of the specific birth certificate styles.

Altering and/ or laminating Vital Statistics documents makes them invalid.

Click here to obtain a certificate of birth from the provice of Alberta.

Apostille a British Columbia Birth Certificate

To obtain a birth certificate from the provice of British Columbia you can apply online using the Vital Statistics Agency’s secure online ordering service.

Apostille a New Brunswick Birth Certificate

The Vital Statistics Branch registers births and provides birth certificates of birth that have occurred in the Provice of New Brunswick.  Birth certificates are available in short form or in a long form.  Click here to find out how to obtain one.

Apostille an Ontario Birth Certificate

There are 3 types of birth certificates you can order in the provice of Ontario:

1. a birth certificate

2. birth certificate with parental information

3. certified copy of birth registration

If you don’t know which kind of birth certificate you need, please check with the government agency or person requesting the document before you order.

Order a birth certificate online for the Province of Ontario

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