What documents should Canadians prepare for their marriage in Cuba?

Canadian Getting Married in Cuba

Congratulations on your decision to marry on the beautiful island of Cuba. Maybe you and your fiancé are Canadians taking advantage of a gorgeous destination wedding in Cuba, or maybe your fiancé is from Cuba. Although the latter is straightforward, getting married in a Cuban resort will need overcoming certain technical hurdles. To get married in Cuba, you will need to have  documents apostille or authenticated and legalized by the Cuban diplomatic mission in Canada.

The Documentation

You will need to get official approval from the government of your potential spouse in order to get married in Cuba. Their government will need documentation of;

  •  Your marital status as being single and eligible to marry
  • Proof of country of birth
  • Proof of date of birth to meet the legal age requirement of 18 years old to get married

In order to confirm your single status as a Canadian, you must present a Statutory Declaration of Single Status and notarized copies of your passport and birth certificate, among other forms of identification. For a template of the Statutory Declaration of Single Status, please contact our office. You might be required to provide further documents, such as your marriage certificate, divorce certificate, divorce order, or death certificate, if you are widowed or divorced.

Every document you submit needs to be notarized, translated into Spanish, authenticated by Global Affairs Canada or Provincial competent authority and legalized by the Cuban embassy in Canada. Before you travel to Cuba for the big event, you should have all of this documentation completed for simple processing and a hassle-free wedding!

Your Cuban partner will still need to complete additional paperwork, but this takes care of your end of the deal. The following information must be given to your future spouse’s government:

  • The identity card that they possess
  • A notarized copy of their divorce decree if they are no longer together
  • A female must get a medical document proving she is not pregnant if she has been divorced for fewer than 300 days.
The Actual Union

You will apply for the marriage itself after completing all of your documentation. To do this, you and your future spouse, as well as two witnesses who are not connected to you, may visit one of two offices located in Havana, Cuba. Your witnesses must bring identification and supporting paperwork proving the following:

  • Their entire names
  • Address, ID number, passport, and visitor’s visa or residency permission
  • Upon completion of the process and following many fees and stamps, you will receive three copies of your marriage license. And just like that, you are married!

Get Document Legalization of Canada to Help in Apostille for Cuba

The amount of documentation and processing required for marriage in Cuba can be overwhelming. Which documents you will need to gather can be difficult and complex and change depending on the circumstances. It is advisable to speak with a knowledgeable authentication and legalization services specialist to make sure you have everything ready. You can get expert advice by giving Document Legalization of Canada a call at 1-833-700-5342 or by filling the below form. From beginning to end, we will assist you in preparing your documents to ensure that your passionate affair stays as straightforward and thrilling as possible.