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How To Apostille An RCMP Police Check For Spain

Apostille Process for Using a Canadian RCMP Police Check in Spain

An official criminal record check by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) may be necessary if you intend to move to, work in, or study in Spain. But since Canada joined the Hague Apostille Convention on January 11, 2024, this procedure has been more efficient. The prior processes authentication and legalization are no longer necessary in order to use a Canadian RCMP police check in Spain; all you need is an apostille.

We walk you through the revised process in this post for acquiring and getting ready for an RCMP clearance check to be used in Spain.

Why is Spain Requiring an RCMP Clearance Check?

An RCMP clearance check is frequently required for individuals requesting for work permits, residency permits, or visas in Spain. It guarantees your eligibility for entrance or residency in Spain by serving as evidence of your good standing in Canada.

Steps to Obtain an RCMP Clearance Check for Spain

Fill out the RCMP Fingerprint Form: Download the form, then either manually or electronically complete it.
Fingerprinting: Obtain a fingerprinting appointment at a police station, a private fingerprinting agency that is accredited by the RCMP, or a Canadian embassy or consulate overseas. Use the RCMP form to submit two sets of fingerprints.
Submission: Send the completed form and your fingerprints to an approved service provider by mail or in person.
Outcome: Await the processing of your request and the mailing of the clearance check by the RCMP.
Processing Time: Depending on request volume and application completeness, the time it takes to receive your RCMP clearance check can vary, usually taking a few days to several weeks.

Apostille Process for RCMP Clearance Check

Since Canada has ratified the Hague Apostille Convention, the authentication and legalization processes have been superseded by a more straightforward Apostille procedure. This is how it operates:

Acquire an Apostille or Legalization for Spain

Obtain an international certification by having your RCMP clearance check apostilled. The prior requirement for authentication by Global Affairs Canada and legalization by the Spanish embassy in Canada or consulate has been replaced by this step.

Advantages of Expert Support Even though the Apostille process is simpler, using a reputable company like Document Legalization of Canada can make things even easier. They provide accuracy and efficiency by offering their experience in the requirements and speeding up the procedure. This assistance can be quite helpful, particularly if some Spanish organizations demand that these documents be handled professionally.

In conclusion, Canada’s ratification of the Hague Apostille Convention has made the process of getting and preparing an RCMP clearance check for Spain much simpler. Your clearance check will satisfy Spanish authorities’ legal criteria if you adhere to the revised procedure, which will guarantee a seamless application process.

Apostille of Canadian Documents Authentication and Legalization

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