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Apostille Your Documents for Marriage in Belarus

Canadian Document Apostille for Marriage in Belarus

Even though you have a lot of fun things to organize for your wedding, you must first apostille your documents before marriage in Belarus.

What is an Apostille?

Countries that have ratified the Hague Apostille Convention have agreed to accept public documents issued by other signatory countries as long as those documents are authenticated with the addition of a “apostille,” an internationally accepted form of authentication. Apostilles guarantee that official documents issued in one signatory nation will be accepted as legitimate and lawful in every other signatory nation.

As of January 11, 2024 Canada joined the Hauge Apostille Convention, which will streamline the process from the previous procedure of authentication and legalization from embassy.

Authentication and Legalization: What Are They?

Documents in Canada can be used internationally through a process called authentication and legalization. The method usually consists of two steps: first, the document’s signatures are verified; second, further signatures and stamps are added at each stage. Depending on the kind of documents you have and the criteria of the country you are visiting, you might need to take additional measures.

How Can Document Legalization of Canada Apostille Your Documents For Marriage In Belarus

There are three processes involved in getting your Canadian documents authenticated and legalized for use in Belarus. First, arrange and organize your documents. The documents should next be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada then legalized at embassy.

Documents required to get married in Belarus:

Document Legalization of Canada: Your Professional Apostille Service

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Confidentiality: We value your privacy and make sure that every document is treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Customer service: Is our top priority, and we are there to help you with any question and concern you may have at any point along the procedure.

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