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Apostille for a Qatar Work Visa – Attestation of Canadian Documents 

Apostille for  a Qatar Work Visa – Attestation of Canadian Documents 

Canada and Qatar have enjoyed uninterrupted diplomatic relations since 1974.  In Canada, Qatar is represented by the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Ottawa.  Qatar opened its embassy in Canada in 2011 while Canada’s embassy in Qatar opened in 2012.

Qatar, a small peninsula nation with a population of 2.7 million, is a key partner for Canada in the Gulf region.  Both countries share friendly bilateral relations and have strong trade and investment ties.  Qatar is the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas, the energy sector remains Qatar’s main economic driver.

We are the pioneers of authentication and legalization services in Canada.

Since our beginning over 5 years, we have helped thousands of our clients with their affairs in Qatar.  We have a strong relationship with the consular staff at the Embassy of Qatar here in Ottawa and are officially recognized by both the embassy and Global Affairs Canada as a trustworthy, professional service provider.  Our Expert Document Agent ensures that your documents are properly authenticated and legalized for use in Qatar.  We are experts on every Canadian document for use in Qatar such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Power of Attorney, University Degrees, Diplomas, Transcripts, Letter of Confirmation, Police Criminal Record Check, and Fingerprint Forms Authentication at Global Affairs Canada can take as long as 20 business days.  This is on top of the processing time at the embassy of Qatar which can vary.

Qatar is an attractive work destination for Canadians.

There are some who try to attain employment by providing fake degrees and related documents.  To combat this, the Qatari government has firm requirements and procedures for Canadian educational documents for use in Qatar.   Along with the appropriate fees, and original degrees, transcripts, and letters of confirmation of graduation, you will have to contact the university which issued your degree and instruct them to send additional materials directly to the embassy.  Without these materials, your educational documents will not be accepted for legalization.  We also recommend you know the dimension of your degree.  If you do not have your degree or if it is damaged, you may be able to order a duplicate original from the issuing university for a fee.  If you need to do this we recommend you have the degree shipped directly to our office to save you even more time, especially if you are currently located outside of Canada.

We at Document Legalization of Canada can help you with these very complex procedures.  Please call our Document Expert Staff at 1-833-700-5342 or email us at [email protected] for a free quote.