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Translation of Certified Documents in Canada

Translation of Certified Documents in Canada

Do I need to translate my documents? Does it need to be a certified translator? Can you help me in finding a certified translator? 

Before we can answer the above questions.  We will explain what is a certified translation is.  A certified translation can only be provided by a certified translator.  A certified translator is a unique and reserved title for members who have qualified and registered with the association of translators in their province.  A certified translator can provide an official and accurate translation of a document from a specific language to another language.  A Canadian certified translator will have applied and passed the tests to become certified with a specific provincial or territorial association of translators and interpreters.  In most cases, translations must be prepared by a Canadian Certified Translator to meet the criteria of Global Affairs Canada and most diplomatic missions.  Global Affairs Canada will only authenticate an official document that is written in English or French.  If your document contains a foreign language, however, it will need to be certified by a Canadian certified translator.  If the document is completely written in a foreign language, you will also need to provide a certified English or French translation.  The translation should be made by a certified translator in Canada in order for it to be accepted for authentication. 

Having explained the difference between certified translators, certified translations. We have been asked by our customer if a document needs to be translated before legalization at the embassy.  There are circumstances where a certified translation is required and must be submitted along with the original for legalization.  This requirement can depend on the purpose of the document or the supporting document requirements of the diplomatic mission in question.  

Finding a certified translator is time-consuming and depends on each translator’s availability in having your document ready.  We at Document Legalization of Canada guarantee that our certified translators are registered with all provinces association of certified translators in order to abide by rules and regulation of Global Affairs Canada.  We have helped thousands of our clients in having their documents translated into a foreign language at the least cost and in a timely manner.  Below are the known and recognized associations across Canada:

  • Alberta – ATIA
  • British Colombia – STIBC
  • Manitoba – ATIM
  • Ontario – ATIO
  • Quebec – OTTIAQ
  • Saskatchewan – ATIS
  • New Brunswick – CTINB
  • Nova Scotia – ATINE
  • Prince Edward Island – CTIC
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – CTIC
  • Nunavut – CTIC
  • Northwest Territories – CTIC

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