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Consulate Embassy Legalization Services

The second stage in obtaining Canadian documents that can be used in non-Hague Apostille countries is document legalization at a foreign embassy or consulate. This procedure, which is conducted at the foreign embassy’s consular section, needs to be completed only once the initial authentication stage has been finished. Global Affairs Canada performs authentication at the province or federal level based on the criteria. Most embassies have rigorous rules that are subject to regular changes in order to be recognized for legalization; if you don’t follow them, your document may be rejected or delayed. Fees, forms, supporting documentation, translations, and particular document bindings are a few examples of these needs. Don’t worry; we offer all the information you need to finalize the process through our embassy legalization services.

Legalization: The Last verification After Authentication

Legalization, which is carried out by the consular division of the foreign embassy in the country where the document is to be used, verifies the signatures of the authentication office. The procedure is comparable to authentication, which entails confirming a certified person’s signature on a legal document. The primary distinction is that whereas embassies authenticate the signatures of Global Affairs Canada, lawyers’ or notaries publics’ signatures are authenticated by Global Affairs Canada.

It is frequently necessary to get legalization from an embassy or consulate before utilizing Canadian documents outside of the country. In certain nations, like the United Arab Emirates or Qatar, the term “attestation” refers to legalization. Apostille or Hague Convention may be used by countries that have ratified it.

At all foreign embassies and consulates in Canada, Document Legalization of Canada provides assistance with document apostille, attestation, authentication, and legalization. We have an obvious benefit in assuring the timely processing of your sensitive documents because of decades working with the diplomatic community. As the go-to source for document legalization services at embassies or consulates in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, we are acknowledged leaders in our industry.

The length of time it takes to get documents legalized depends on the embassy or consulate and is not guaranteed. Get a personal quote to learn about the current processing time, the embassy charge, and the particular conditions for legalizing your document for international use, by calling 1-833-700-5342 or filling the below form.