Authentication & Legalization for Vietnam

Document Authentication & Legalization for Use in Vietnam

If you are a resident or citizen of Canada getting ready to travel to Vietnam for business, education, marriage, or vacation, you need to make sure your Canadian documents are authenticated and legalized. This thorough explanation will help you through this crucial procedure and make sure your document complies with Vietnamese laws.

Understanding What is Required

Vietnam is not a signatory to the Hauge Apostille Convention. Because of this, using Canadian documents in Vietnam necessitates a specialized validation procedure that entails two steps: authentication and legalization.

Authentication Steps:

Preparation: Have original documents such as  birth certificates, marriage certificate, educational document, and police clearance certificates.
Filling Out Forms: Fill out the Provincial Authentication Request Form or Global Affairs Canada (JLAC) form.
Submission: Submit the request form and supporting documentation to the appropriate provincial competent authority or the JLAC office in Ottawa. Remember that processing times could differ, so plan to begin this step well in advance of your trip.

Legalization Steps:

Embassy Contact: For information on precise requirements, costs, and deadlines, get in touch with the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Canada.
Document Preparation: Provide a completed application form, authenticated originals, and any other documents the Embassy or Consulate may want.
Submission and Return: Send your documents by mail or drop them in person, along with a pre-paid return envelope to ensure the safety of your documents, to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

Our Services at Document Legalization of Canada include:

  • Knowledge: Our professional team is knowledgeable about authentication and Legalization of document for Vietnam.
  • Efficiency: We put a lot of effort into making sure the process moves quickly and efficiently, reducing delays.
  • Confidentiality: We value your privacy and make sure that every document is treated with the strictest confidentiality.
  • Customer service: Is our top priority, and we are there to help you with any question and concern you may have at any point along the procedure.

We at Document Legalization of Canada your global document solutions can help you in authentication and legalization of  your documents for use in Vietnam by calling our Toll-Free number 1-833-700-5342 or fill the below form.

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