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Attestation Canada

What is Attestation in Canada?

A document Attestation is the establishment of a foreign document’s authenticity. Attesting, in this sense, means to approve or verify. An attestation is an official act that requires some legal authority, such as a judge or commissioner for oaths (ex: Public Notary). Hence “Attestation” is used for international purposes like consular issues. In Canada, the equivalent is “document authentication and legalization”.  We at Document Legalization of Canada Inc., has helped thousand of clients in Attesting their documents.  Call us for free quote or fill the below form.

What is the process of attesting a document?

The process of Attesting a document includes 3 steps

  • The Attestation is performed by an Attesting Officer who verifies the authenticity of the document and the signature on it, then seals and stamps the Attestation with his/her seal.
  • A Notary Public Attests the signature on the document matching it to that on the attestation certificate which is guaranteed by their seal. 
  • Finally, Attesting Officers often provide a translation in one of Canada’s other official languages (either French or English).

Documents that require an attestation

Documents that require Attestation in Canada are defined as “any document, which is issued or produced in Canada to be used outside of the jurisdiction of the Attesting Officer”. Hence if you have any documents issued from Canada and it needs to be “Attested” and verified in Canada by an officer who is located here. Then we can Attest it for you.

Documents used for Attestation in Canada

Attestation in Canada can be applied to any type of documents such as Birth Certificate, Educational Certificate, Marriage License, Death Certificate, Power of Attorney, Sales Contract, and any other document which is issued from its respective country and needs “Attesting service” for legal purposes in Canada. Documents that need Attestation should be original documents not older than 6 months.

Our process and how we can help you?

For an Attestation in Canada, you need to follow some basic steps. This includes understanding the Attestation procedure, the Attestation process, and Attesting any document. We provide these services for all types of documents at Document Legalization of Canada.  Our clients are our priority and we take care of them from beginning to end.  Call us today for a Free Consultation or fill the below form.

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