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Marriage Certificate Apostille Authentication

Apostille of a Marriage Certificate 

Marriage Certificate Apostille - Authentication & Legalization

Marriage certificate must be issued by a provincial or territorial vital statistics office. They do not need to be notarized if you have the original long form.

Global Affair Canada will NOT authenticate marriage certificate that are:

  • Notarized copies (if you need a copy, it must be issued by the appropriate vital statistics office).
  • Issued by religious institutions
  • Wallet sized certificate because it is too small.
Types of Canadian Marriage Certificate

Apostille a British Columbia Marriage Certificate

Apostille an Ontario Marriage Certificate

Apostille a Quebec Marriage Certificate

Marriage Search letter

Global Affairs Canada only authenticate marriage search letters issued by a provincial or territorial vital statistics office

Marriage search letters bearing the original signature or seal of the appropriate vital statistics registrar do not need to be notarized.  Otherwise, they need to be notarized. Make sure you have everything you need if you are getting married outside Canada.  A statement in lieu of certificate on non-impediment to marriage abroad.

Statement in lieu of certificate on non-impediment to marriage abroad

A certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad is a certificate that confirms there are no objections to a proposed marriage or civil partnership.  It is sometimes required if you are planning a ceremony abroad.

Canada does not issue certificates of non-impediment.  Instead, Global Affairs Canada can prepare a statement in lieu of a certificate on non-impediment to marriage abroad (“in lieu of” means “instead of”.)

Powerful Options

Some countries require this document to be issued in Canada. They will not accept a document issued by a Canadian embassy, high commission, or consulate abroad.

If this applies to you, make sure to submit your request well in advance of your intended travel dates.

Please be advised that each client’s situation is different and it is extremely important that you contact our expert to help you in your specific needs.

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